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In 1964, the International Brotherhood of Police Officers was born in Cranston, RI as a result of a promotional exam scandal. The day after learning that someone had leaked the answers to this test, seven police officers protested by announcing a boycott of the exam. These seven officers were suspended then later terminated.

Following this, the Rhode Island General Assembly, with the help of these seven officers, passed the Police Officers Arbitration Act. This legislation gave all police officers the right to organize and negotiate wages, benefits and the conditions of their employment.

The terminated officers, who had filed a lawsuit in order to return to work, saw their case go before the RI Supreme Court. The court ruled that these seven courageous officers were to be reinstated and awarded all back pay and benefits.

In 1970, the I.B.P.O. became affiliated with the National Association of Government Employees (N.A.G.E.). The I.B.P.O. and N.A.G.E. have grown in membership to over eighty thousand active law enforcement officers throughout the United States.

IBPO 301 - Cranston, Rhode Island

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